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The bigger Gulf fishing boats all have a base price based on 6 passengers. So it is the same price for the boat if you have 1 or 6 people. Once you go above 6 passengers there is an additional charge for each person you have.

Typically the boats charge the same whether the passenger is fishing or not. However there are a few boats that will give a special price for riders who are not going to fish but still want to go. Also many of the boats will not charge for children under 6 years old. (Unless you have a bunch of kids under six year old)

For charter boat fishing in Destin, Fl, you and your group  can privately charter the boat to go deep sea fishing. The Capt. and 1st mate will take you fishing and guide your charter the whole way.. On a charter boat in Destin  there are several different charter fishing options. You can bottom fish for red snappers, groupers and amberjacks. You can inshore troll for king mackerels, dolphin(not flipper) and tunas. You can sight fish for cobia or you can offshore troll for sport fish like blue marlins and sailfish. Some charter boats in Destin, Fl also offer shark fishing.
Charter fishing boats in Destin range from 25 ft  bay fishing charter boats to 65 ft deep sea, sport fishing charters as well as 90 ft party fishing boats like the American Spirit.

The price of a private charter fishing boat averages between $165 and $200 dollars per hour, for up to 6 people. If there are more than 6 people in your group it will cost an additional 10% for each person over 6. Some charter boats only take 6 passengers, so make it clearly understood how many people you have and how many your charter boat can hold. All the information you need for booking you deep sea fishing charters is here. Click here to view the current price list.

Current Prices Range Between $165-$200 an hour for up to 6 people
Prices are cash discount prices.
Trips paid for with a credit card add 4%.
These prices are an average in town. Some boats charge a little more.

Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

If you have more than 6 passengers add 10% per person over 6.

165.00 PER HOUR RATES     *Trips paid for with a credit card add 4%.
Private Charters
4HRS--$660.00 for up to 6 passengers
5HRS--$825.00 up to 6 passengers
6HRS--$990.00 up to 6 passengers
8HRS--$1,320.00 up to 6 passengers
10HRS--$1,650.00 up to 6 passengers
12HRS--$1,980.00 up to 6 passengers
14HRS--$2,310.00 up to 6 passengers

$175.00 PER HOUR RATES     *Trips paid for with a credit card add 4%.
4HRS--$700.00 for up to 6 passengers
5HRS--$875.00 up to 6 passengers
6HRS--$1,050.00 up to 6 passengers
8HRS--$1,400.00 up to 6 passengers
10HRS--$1,750.00 up to 6 passengers
12HRS--$2,100.00 up to 6 passengers
14HRS--$2,450.00 up to 6 passengers

$185.00 PER HOUR RATES     *Trips paid for with a credit card add 4%.
4HRS--$740.00 for up to 6 passengers
5HRS--$925.00 up to 6 passengers
6HRS--$1,110.00 up to 6 passengers
8HRS--$1,480.00 up to 6 passengers
10HRS--$1,850.00 up to 6 passengers
12HRS--$2,220.00 up to 6 passengers
14HRS--$2,590.00 up to 6 passengers

$195.00 PER HOUR RATES     *Trips paid for with a credit card add 4%.
4HRS--$780.00 for up to 6 passengers
5HRS--$975.00 up to 6 passengers
6HRS--$1,170.00 up to 6 passengers
8HRS--$1,560.00 up to 6 passengers
10HRS--$1,950.00 up to 6 passengers
12HRS--$2,340.00 up to 6 passengers
14HRS--$2,730.00 up to 6 passengers

$200.00 PER HOUR RATES     *Trips paid for with a credit card add 4%.
4HRS--$800.00 for up to 6 passengers
5HRS--$1,000.00 up to 6 passengers
6HRS--$1,200.00 up to 6 passengers
8HRS--$1,800.00 up to 6 passengers
10HRS--$2,000.00 up to 6 passengers
12HRS--$2,400.00 up to 6 passengers
14HRS--$2,800.00 up to 6 passengers

How Do I Make My Reservations?
To reserve your trip you can either use your credit card or send a deposit check for a couple hundred dollars. All deposits are refundable due to bad weather, and you can cancel your trip up to 14 business days before and still get a refund on your deposit. You can call us @ 850-837-9401 to make your reservation or e-mail your evening phone # and we will call you and set it up for you.

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