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Family Fishing Trips

We can set up a days fishing for your family no matter how large and no matter what age group. We have boats and Captains that specialize in showing families and children the fishing trip of a lifetime. We know that the quality time spent with your family on a days outing are memories that they will have forever.

Our 1st mates will take extra good care of your children, so the parents can enjoy themselves too. When fishing with young children we have a can do attitude. Nothing makes a 1st mate happier than to have a child catch that big fish all by themselves (or with a little help).
Smaller and lighter tackle, extra patience and the understanding that itís all about the kids having a great time and feeling good about the fishing trip. These are all things that set great charter crews apart from the others and make for a great trip for kids and families.

Basically there is no age limit to go deep sea fishing on a Destin charter boat. We have had infants in playpens to 3 year olds and up. Typically kids will catch a nap on the way out and the way in and be at the rail when the boat stops to catch a big one. Most of the crews on Destin charter boats grew up deep sea fishing and have children that we enjoy taking fishing. Itís all about the fun and the life long memory.

We will cater the trip to meet your familyís needs hand pick them a boat that will make your families fishing trip memorable. If you need more info or would like to make reservations please feel free to contact me at 850-837-9401 or email me at Thanks Capt. Mike